Account Opening

1Is there any fee required to open an account?
2What is the minimum initial deposit to open an account?
There is no minimum or maximum deposit for opening or maintaining a trading account.
3Can I open a joint account?
We do not accept joint account applications at the moment, only individual account application will be accepted.
4Is there any age limit for account opening?
You must be between 18 to 70 years old.
5Are non-Hong Kong residents allowed to open an account?
Yes, we accept account opening applications from non-Hong Kong residents. (except for US residents)
6Can we open an account in person?
We only accept online account opening applications.
7What are the account opening requirements?
Please visit the following page for full details. Open Real Account
8What do I need to prepare or submit when opening an account?
Please visit the following page for full details. Open Real Account
9How long will the application process take?
Upon receipt of the complete application package, your application will be processed in 2 to 3 business days. You will receive your User ID and default password in separate emails after your Max Online account is opened.
10I have not received my User ID/Password, what should I do?
Please contact Max Online Client Services Officers on +852 2166 1197 and provide your full name and application reference number so that we can better assist you.
11How to submit required documents.
You can send clear documents to
12How could I know whether my application is approved
If there is any problem concerning the application, our staff will inform you by email or phone call as soon as possible. Please check your mail-box regularly.

Account Login

1Where can I find my login password?
[If you have not logged in to your account since completion of account opening]
Your initial login password (provided in the Default Password Notification) will be sent to your registered email when your application is successfully processed. If you have deleted or lost the email, please contact Max Online Client Services Officers to re-issue a new password for you.
2Where can I find my User ID?
User ID is provided to you in the account activation letter by email. If you did not receive the email, please contact Max Online Client Services department for assistance.
3I forgot my password, what should I do?
Please contact Max Online Client Services Officers immediately to re-issue the Password for you. After verifying your identity, a new set of password will sent to your registered email. Please note that the default password must be changed the first time you log in the platform.
4How can I change my password?
Login to your trading account and click "Tools > Option" under the toolbar. Click "Change" button under "server" tab.
5Why my account is locked?
To find out the reason or request to unlock your account, please contact Max Online Client Services Officers for further assistance. Following are some of the common reasons for login lock:
- You have entered the wrong User ID or password after consecutive number of failed attempts
- We are unable to reach you as you may have changed your mailing address, contact number, email address or other contact information.
- You continue the usage of automated trading program, even after several warnings have been issued.
- The account is suspected to be used by a third party.
6How to change User ID?
User ID cannot be changed.
7I cannot login MT4 with default ID and password.
Please confirm that:
1. You are trying to login MT4 instead of our company website.
2. You have chosen the correct server-
Real Account: "MaxOnline-Live Server"
Demo Account: "MaxOnline-Demo Server"
3. Copy and paste the default password instead of typing them manually.
If you have confirm the points above and still cannot login, please contact us at +852 2166 1197 or send an email to

Change Account Information

1Can I change my bank account for online fund withdrawals?
Please contact Max Online Client Services Officers to get the Change of Account Information Form
2How can I change/update my contact or account information (such as residential address, contact number and email address)?
Please contact Max Online Client Services Officers to get the Change of Account Information Form

Margin / Leverage

1What is Required Margin?
Cash collateral required to keep on deposit to place a new order or maintain positions held.
2What is Margin Ratio?
(Maintenance) Margin Ratio refers to the ratio of Net Equity to Required Margin and is calculated using the following formula: Net Equity ÷ Required Margin x 100. The higher the Margin Ratio, the lower the leverage risk. For more details please refer to the following link. Trading Rules
3What is Leverage?
Leverage refers to the ability to hold a position of greater value than the actual required capital. Trading Rules
4Is leverage changeable?
The maximum leverage is Gold:200 times, Silver: 100 times which cannot be changed by customers.
5When will Realised Rollover be reflected in my account balance?
The rollover earned overnight for the open positions will only be credited or debited from the account after the end of that trading day.
6What is Unrealised Profit/Loss?
It refers to the profit/loss of open positions marked-to-market. This is calculated and updated at real-time.
7When will realised profit (Unsettled Trading Profit) be reflected in my account balance?
Realised trading profit/loss will be settled (i.e., credited to or debited from the cash balance) at Trading Close.
8Why is there a difference between Usable Margin and Available Funds?
Usable Margin is the amount of funds available in your account to make a new trade. This amount takes the realised profit/loss from closed trades and rollover that has yet to be settled, into account.

The realised profit/loss from closed trades and rollover will be reflected in Available Funds on the respective value dates. Hence, there may be a differential amount between the Usable Margin and Available Funds.
9What is Net Equity?
The sum of unrealized profit/loss and account balance.
10What is Account Balance?
The sum of cash balance, including unsettled and settled profit/loss and rollovers.
11Is the marked-to-market (Current) price under Positions updated at real time?
Yes. Short positions will be marked-to-market using the current BUY price while long positions will be marked-to-market with the current SELL price. Both SELL and BUY prices are updated at real-time.

Auto-Closeout / Margin Call

1What is Auto-Closeout?
Your Positions will be closed out automatically if net equity falls below 60% of the required margin.
2Will Auto-Closeout be triggered if I were to enter hedged trades?
Due to various market-prone factors notwithstanding widened spreads, negative rollover spread, or increase in required margin, your hedged trades may still be subject to Auto-Closeout.
3Will there be margin call?
No margin call will be issued.
4Why wasn't Auto-Closeout triggered when margin ratio fell below 60% for an instant?
As your account status is monitored at regular intervals, there may be a few minutes of time taken for the system to determine whether the account is subject to auto-closeout after margin ratio falls below 60%. Within this time difference, if margin ratio rises back above 60%, no Auto-Closeout will be triggered.
5Is there any fee charged for auto-closeout?


1What are the trading hours?
Please refer to Trading Rules
2What is Spread?
The spread is the difference (in pips) between the quoted sell price and buy price.

Please click on the following link to view standard Max Online spreads: Trading Rules
3What is Slippage?
It means while there is a big difference between the designated trading point ordered by the client and the actual trading point when conducting transactions. The trading system has a "Limit Slippage" setting function.
4Can I use MT4 for forex trading?
No. MT4 is for bullion trading only.
5Is margin required to place a pending order?
Margin will only be deducted when an order is executed.
6Why my order is cancelled by system while auto-closeout is not triggered .
Since margin is not deducted when initially set, if usable margin is not enough when orders are to be executed, system will cancel those orders automatically.

Deposit and Withdrawal

1How can I fund my account?
For details, please refer to the following link. Account Funding
2Are there any deposit fees?
No handling fees will be imposed but all bank charges will be borne by client.
3When will the deposit be credited to my account?
For UnionPay: One to two business day. Same-day processing for deposit received by 16:00 HKT.
For International Wire Transfer: Up to 5 business days
For local bank transfers: 1-2 business days
For local cheques: 1-2 business days
4How can I withdraw funds from my trading account?
To make a fund withdrawal request, you must fill out a Withdrawal Request Form. (Please click here to download) and send to Withdrawals are made by way of bank remittances only.
5Are there any withdrawal fees?
Local payments:
You will be liable for any bank transaction charges incurred.
China UnionPay :
Transaction fee of US$20 will be charged for every single withdrawal of less than US$100. This amount shall be deducted from the withdrawal amount.
Transaction charges shall be waived for withdrawals of US$100 or above.
Overseas payments:
USD 10 per transaction. Your bank may apply inward remittance charges. Intermediary bank charges may apply which will be deducted from the withdrawal amount.
6Do you accept deposited in cash or credit cards?
7Is there any maximum withdrawal limit?
No. But due to online security considerations, funds may be transferred in batches on the same day.
8How many times can I submit the withdrawal request in one day?
Once a day.
9What is the bank account no. of Max Online?
We have bank account with Bank of China (HONG KONG) and China Construction Bank (Asia).
For more details please refer to the following link.
Account Funding
10Do you accept withdrawal/deposited in currencies other than US Dollars?
We accept withdrawal/deposit requests in US Dollar only. If you withdraw/deposit in other currencies, the fund will be transferred to USD at bank rate.
11Can I withdraw funds at any time?
Yes, you can send fund withdrawal request form to at any time.
Any withdrawal requests received after 15:00 HKT will be processed on the next business day. No requests shall be processed on Saturdays, Sundays or on Hong Kong public holidays.
12Why is there withdrawal record on MT4 though I have never withdrawn any fund.
Negative rollovers are shown as withdrawal on MT4 platform

System Requirements

1What are the supported system requirements for MetaTrader 4 for iOS?
iOS 5.0 or later
Compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad
2What are the supported system requirements for MetaTrader 4 for Android OS?
Android OS 2.1 and higher
Compatible with smartphone or tablet PC powered by Android

System Settings

1What is the server name when log into MT4 ?
Real Account: Please select "MaxOnline-Live Server"
Demo Account: Please select "MaxOnline-Demo Server"
2How to change the language of MT4
MT4 Platform: Click 檢視(View) -> 語言(Language)
MT4 for IOS: Setting > Interface
MT4 for Android: You have to change the language settings of your mobile.