Speedy Account Opening

Open an account online within 5 minutes and start trading in a day.

Optional Margin Account Types

The default leverage is 50X for gold and 25X for silver, and the upper limit can be increased according to needs, making the use of funds more flexible.

$0 Commission

$0 commission with no hidden fees.

Lower Spread

Low Spread which greatly reduces your trading costs and makes trading more smoothly.

Reliable Trading Platform

Backed by HK listed group which keeps your money safely.
Please make sure you have read the Client Agreement before starting the application process

1 Complete the Online Account Opening Form

Click the "Apply Live Account" button and the webpage will automatically go to the encrypted and secure page. After filling out the form, check that it is correct and submit it.

Basic Qualification for Opening Live Account

  • Must be 18 years or above
  • Hold an individual’s email address and contact phone number; and
  • Be the beneficiary of the account
  • Not a U.S. citizen or resident of certain jurisdictions that Max Online does not offer services

*If you are in China, please use the backup application link.

2 Submit required supporting documents

  1. Personal I.D.
    A signed copy of a valid passport or government-issued identification document showing your full name, date of birth and photo. For example, passport and ID card.
  2. Proof of address
    Issue a copy of proof of address, such as a utility bill, credit card statement or bank statement, bearing your name and current residential address within three months of the application submission date. NOTE: PO Boxes are not accepted. If you are unable to obtain proof of address, please contact us.
  3. Bank statement
    A copy of a bank passbook, ATM card or statement issued by a recognized bank in Hong Kong or a bank providing UnionPay services.
You can submit the file (saved as JPEG, GIF, PNG or PDF format) via email (cs@maxonline.io) or upload the file directly.

After receiving the required documents, the account opening process will usually be completed within 1 working day. You will receive 2 emails with your Account ID and Default Password respectively.

3 Install Trading System

You can install MT4 desktop and mobile trading systems at the same time. After receiving the account ID and password respectively, you can log in to the trading system immediately.

4 Account Funding

Deposit US dollar or Hong Kong dollar funds into your trading account through local bank transfer or fast payment system. There is no transaction fee and the transfer can be completed within 1 to 2 working days, which is convenient and fast.