Why Use EA

Mechanical execution of stop profit / stop loss strategies
Remove the adverse effects due to human behaviours
Senior traders often have their own quantitative trading strategies as manual monitoring may often lead to missing out on opportunities. Due to this, we suggest that traders should build their own Expert Advisors software, and by automatically executing trades 24 hours a day based on their pre-defined conditions, the potential profits can be reaped in.

EA's Benefits

  • Fully automated
  • Can be backtested
  • 24 hours non-stop operation
By using the Expert Advisors software, not only can you save time for trading, but you can also backtest the profitability of your script given prior circumstances before deciding whether to implement the script to the live trading environment. No matter where you are, the EA will automatically trade for you around the clock, allowing you to free your time.

How to Install an EA ?

MT4 users can find various paid/free EAs on the Internet, or open the MetaEditor program preloaded in MT4 to build their own trading indicators to their own EA. If the trader wants to quickly find EAs, just open MT4, look for the NAVIGATOR bar, right-click on Expert Advisors to open the MetaTrader Market to find and purchase thousands of EAs, and quickly complete the installation with simply one click.

Browse the Official Introduction of EA from the MetaTrader MARKET

Why Use EA with Max Online

As the usage of EAs will lead to frequent transactions, each transaction will incur a trading cost to the trader. Even the smallest additional mark-up in spread will lead to an enormous difference in trading costs. Max Online aims to minimize its spreads in order for you control your costs.