Trading Products
and Advantages

2 Major Spread Categories, Free Trading Commissions

We connect investors to world-class bullion liquidity providers through the Straight-Through-Processing (STP) directly to global market, providing 2 major spread categories (fixed and floating) and 17 gold and silver trading products to conform your investment needs and trading models. There are no commission for all trading products, which greatly reduces your trading costs and makes trading more smoothly.

Fixed Spread

Feature: Spreads fixed at 0.40 or 0.50 USD

Trading product: Placing orders from
GOLD_STD 0.1 lot to 20 lots
*Unit 1 lot = 100 oz

Improved Transaction Smoothness

Well-improved pricing stability for better risk management and trade execution with the spread constrained at exactly 0.40. Over 99% of trades will be executed with a zero slippage market environment. Orders will be executed in either fill or kill.

Suitable for the Following Investors:

Relatively slow network connection speed Seeking Stability

Reduced Trading Costs

Highly optimized quotes ensure accurate execution of sweep-to-fill orders. Our most competitive quotes, combined with max-spread controls, will allow you to effectively mitigate spread uncertainty.

Suitable for the Following Investors:

EA trading High network connection speed
Short term trade Aiming tight profit margin
Accept slippage Seeking low trading cost

Floating Spread

Feature: Generally low spreads

Trading product: Placing orders from
GOLD 0.01 lot to 3 lots
SILV_ 0.01 lot to 10 lots
*Gold unit 1 lot = 100 oz
*Silver unit 1 lot = 5,000 oz

Try demo trading platform

Before trading, familiarize yourself with the use of our trading platform and product features, and use virtual funds to develop and try investment strategies, so that makes your trading more smoothly in future investments.