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Max Online is dedicated to providing clients with the highest quality gold and silver trading services. We connect you to top liquidity providers, including price feeds from investment banks, exchanges, and securities firms around the world, and integrates gold and silver prices that can accommodate different investment objectives for fast executions and low transaction costs. Our mission is to provide a reliable, cost efficient and fair trading environment for global investors.

A Reliable and Fair Trading Environment

Connect to the liquidity of global bullion through Max Online.

In order to provides a fair trading environment for the client, all trades are connected directly to liquidity providers for execution through the Straight-Through-Processing (STP) model.

What is Straight-Through-Processing?

Max Online fully utilizes the trade execution model and global market position, to connect the trade engine to global tier 1 liquidity, in order to provide you with fair and stable prices for the precious metals market. With our exceptional technology, our IT experts have optimized the price aggregation engine to fully utilize the unique characteristics of each liquidity provider through the Straight-Through-Processing (STP) model.

  • Max Online only plays a connecting role in transactions, and all transactions will be directly connected to liquidity providers through the system for immediate execution
  • Transactions are automatically processed through the Max Online system
  • Provide the best and stable bullion market quotations, enhance the smoothness of each transaction, and reduce costs at the same time
  • We upgrade our trading tools and systems from time to time to provide the best trading experience

How Does Max Online Earn its Revenues?

Our revenue comes mainly from products' Fixed Spread Markups and Overnight Positions Rollovers.

With long term gains for our clients, the turnover volume will naturally increase, and this is our long term goal. We strive to provide you with the best trading environment and tools, to aid you to take advantage of every opportunity - this is our commitment to you.